Your Life Isn’t What You Think It Is

Here’s an exercise:

Close your eyes and imagine you’re standing on the moon, right now, gazing at the Earth from a quarter million miles away. Everything you’ve ever known is held in a thin pocket of air on the surface of that blue and white marble, hanging in the immensity of space. All the drama and greatness and foolishness and beauty, everyone you’ve loved or resented, and as far as you know, everything that’s ever been alive, all on that tiny speck.

From that point of view, what would seem like a worthwhile way to live?

What normally seems to you like your life is not your life. It’s a mirage created by the impossibly limited perspective under which we all labor. The most important thing you can do is remind yourself of this, every day, and live accordingly.

If your job appears trivial from that spot on the moon, quit and start figuring out how to do something meaningful. Same goes for the way you interact with people, what you do in your free time, and what you think about. Everything.

We’re each given only a tiny sliver of time in which to live. There’s no reason not to be bold. You’re going to end up in the same place either way.

Here’s what will happen for most who read this: you might agree for a moment, but then you’ll go on with your day, and the sense of rightness will fade and this will start to seem like impractical idealism.

Is it?

Posted April 15, 2011 in Random Thoughts | 4 Comments on Your Life Isn’t What You Think It Is


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  1. Niko Waryan says:

    Righteous words. It can be extremely hard for people to break out of that mindset.

  2. Joseph Cotten says:

    Wow. We need this message. God, help us all to own this way of thinking!

  3. Nick B. says:

    hear hear.

  4. Brad says:

    This article is meaning that we should want to conserve, I like that idea. I saw a turtle the other day while driving down the busiest back road in my county. As soon as she saw me she popped her head in her shell and high tailed it out of there. Now I would never hurt a turtle, yet it was still frightened. maybe it was my ferocious sounding moped?

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