Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

I’m not naturally inclined toward activism. I have some British blood and I inherited the stiff upper lip. I keep calm and carry on.

Because of that, along with the standard-issue, lazy self-involvement of first-worlders everywhere, I had never lifted a finger for any cause, until recently.

I haven’t changed. Rather, climate change represents something so threatening that it crosses even my threshold for involvement. It took me a long time to understand how threatening it is, because I’m mostly uninterested in the world’s problems. I didn’t bother to learn. That I did learn was mostly a matter of happenstance.

Few of us understand how great the risk now is. Climate change isn’t just another problem in the long parade of problems that always have and always will beset civilization.

It threatens to undo us. To displace us, to starve us, and ultimately kill us. If the majority keep sitting on the sidelines, there’s a good chance we’re cooked.

I have young nephews, and a niece. They could end up spending the second half of their lives in perpetual suffering, along with most of humanity, thanks to our inaction.

That breaks my heart, every day. If you’re like the average person, concerned about climate change but not personally involved, I’ll be in your grill about your apathy. You’re me two years ago. We can’t afford that.

Posted March 06, 2012 in Random Thoughts | 3 Comments on Can’t Stop Won’t Stop


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  1. Joseph Cotten says:

    We really need a national wake-up call. It amazes me how media coverage of climate change continues to be neutered, played down, and not highlighted. In addition, most of theele I know ever don’t care about climate change, or they haven’t taken the time to learn about solutions.

    We need people like you to continue pushing us forward. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Joseph Cotten says:

    Edit: “theele” should be “the people”. Blasted AutoCorrect!

  3. Nick Bentley says:

    Thanks Joseph!

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