What’s wrong with us?

The “Lungs of the Earth” may be dying. Everyone I know is going to get up tomorrow and eat, work, and piss like this isn’t happening. Like we aren’t driving off a cliff. We’re pretending ourselves straight into cataclysm and it’s breaking my heart.

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  1. anna says:

    Who is this “everyone”? Climate Pirate, you exaggerate. A little.

    I, for one, am eating food from my garden, fertilized by poo from my chickens. I’m working there every day. And I’m pissing into an eco-toilet which will, after a year or so, become plant food (unless Japan becomes a nuclear wasteland). And planting a few alveoli in the orchard up the road.

    And I’m turning off the electric heater right now because reading your blog made me feel guilty. Again. Oh, so guilty. Which is a good thing. Guilt is good, if you act on it.

    But I have to say I prefer the posts where you have clever ideas for how to solve the problem, or things we can do to be more energy efficient.

  2. Nick B. says:

    Bless you. If there were more of you, then “everyone” might not be so apt. I promise more cleverness later. A little despair for now.

  3. Malthus says:

    What’s wrong? We’re mammals first and foremost.

    Unfortunately anna’s contribution, like many others, is ultimately wasted because those resources will be consumed by, and pollution generated by, someone else.

    For every 1 anna there are a 1000 others just chomping at the bit to consume.

    So, yeah, ultimately we’re screwed.

    Smoke’em while you got’em.

  4. Nick B. says:

    That’s how it seems to me as well, with the caveat that giving up is a boring response. Fighting against forbidding odds is exciting and maybe even poetic. Giving up is meh.

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