To end climate denial, make friends

Racism used to be socially acceptable. Why did it change? Because, as Seth Godin says,  we made it shameful to be racist. We changed a norm. We have to make climate denial shameful as well.

How? Consider: when do you feel shame? You feel shame when someone you respect, usually a friend, calls you on your B.S.

If we want to call others on their B.S., we have to make them our friends.  That means being kind and respectful and all the other stuff on which friendships are built.

But you ask: what if they don’t want to be friends? Good question, because many won’t. Here’s what you do: you make friends with their friends.

MLK didn’t make friends with many bigots.  Instead he convinced their sons and daughters and spouses and siblings that his cause was just, and they in turn called B.S. on the bigotry, around America’s dinner tables and in its backyards.

That’s how it’s going to work for climate change too.

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