More Pink Objects to Help You Further Decide What to Do Before You’re Dead

The world has more problems than it should because too many of us settle. We think we’re incapable of finding a calling and that becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy which is reinforced by our universal tendency toward cowardice. Ergo…teeming hoards doing work they don’t much care for while our unaddressed problems grow.

I also think that if more of us gave ourselves the freedom to find our passions, many of those passions would lie in helping the world, including addressing climate change, which is why I decided to post this. I can’t count the number of people who’ve told me they’d love to work on climate change but they can’t because they’re busy making a living with [pointless job they don’t care about].

My point is that our failure to address climate change (along with all our other problems) is part of a larger, more general human failing: a failure of spirit.

And so, for the second time, I’m posting a stupid diagram to remind us what we already know but put out of our minds.

-From the Sea

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  1. Sarah says:

    I love this… and ironically I was thinking about it today. analyzing what I do (teach) and what my husband does (act) thinking my carrer. or rather I have made my carrer a soap box for environmental change and that my husband well doesn’t. However its the only thing he is passionate about, only thing he knows how to do and the only thing he is willing to do so I am ok with it. I acted until it didn’t pay the bills so I understand his passion. Anyway, I guess its just turning him into a ‘green activist’ actor that needs to be done. Anyway I know how to teach about the environment but what I don’t know how to teach is passion. One of my best tools for teaching is modeling so I guess this will help, but I teach such a young population I guess I am wondering how to teach passion once children are older. Any suggestions would be great! Great post and site too!

  2. Nick Bentley says:

    With regard to education, I spend lots of time thinking about the same problem. I regard passion as the most important thing that someone can “learn” (since once you feel passionate about something you become your own teacher), but it’s also more difficult to cultivate than the the stuff which normally comprises early education. I don’t have any good answers, but I suspect that talking directly about it, and what it means, and what it feels like, won’t hurt.

    I know that when I was a kid, no teacher ever discussed passion with me. In fact teachers almost never discussed *why* we did anything in the classroom. I think it nearly killed my desire to learn, and I wish my teachers had spent more time talking about motivation and passion, and more generally what it means to live a full life.

  3. Catfish says:

    When I was a kid I wanted to be a paleontologist, and archeologist, or an astronaut mainly because I had passion in all these areas (being raised with Indiana Jones and Star Trek might of had something to do with that). Somewhere along the line I lost my passions to the dollar. I was present in Dr. Lavelle’s class last semester when you gave your presentation regarding fulfilling a niche with your passions and talents. Your presentation stirred up that little kid within me. I’m not saying I’m going to change my major, however I’m definitely re-evaluating my desires and values. And who knows…This might be the start of something amazing! Thanks!


  4. Vincent Pawlowski says:

    I like the pink boxes. It makes clear that the only way out is through. Even if one only becomes passionate about something that (apparently) doesn’t matter, that’s great!

    Regarding the actor husband, here are several climate change plays:

    Then there is the new genre of science fiction called “cli-fi”. Look that one up yourself!

  5. Chioma says:

    I know you’re trying to be cotnsiencious and do what you think is right, but please, PLEASE look into climate change before you go any further. It’s a proven fraud. Haven’t you heard about Climate Gate? It’s all about money, money, money. IPCC members have admitted that they wanted to create hysteria at the outset in order to get money. Special interest groups lobby, do favors, get favors that’s all this is about. Money makes the world go round. For crying out loud, you can find out that the science in “An Inconvenient Truth” was faulty just be Googling the facts. Al Gore, who started the hysteria with his film, is a lying hypocrite. There are hundreds of scientists in the U.S. alone trying to speak out about this but they’re being blackballed by their colleges (again money). Do you know these scientists held a convention in NYC to discuss how this hysteria is affecting their field and careers? I doubt it. Most people didn’t because the media conveniently overlooks anything that doesn’t fit their agenda.Warming and cooling has been happening cyclically since weather conditions have been recorded. There is absolutely no crisis happening here. If you want to motivate people in positive way, start researching this economic meltdown and what is happening to our nation. Now THAT is a crisis. You can start with a book called “The 5000 Year Leap.” Easy to read and certainly not what you learn in public schools. This is what people need to wake up to and get involved in.

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