Pink Circles to Help You Decide What to Do Before You’re Dead

I think if we all chose our work according to this thing, we’d be happier and civilization might not have as much of that Held-Together-By-Bubblegum-and-Chicken-Wire feeling.

The bottom circles are straightforward, the top one less so. How do we know what’s good for the world?

I can only tell you how I do it. I think there are 5 things which have any relation to human well being: food/water, shelter, love, health, and learning. Everything else is a distraction at best. So whatever I do has to contribute directly and effectively to the lives of others in one of those 5 categories.

Feel free to choose according some other criteria but make sure they don’t just amount to some complicated rationalization for what you’re already doing.

Most of us know this stuff implicitly but fail to act on it. I chalk it up to a general self-fulfilling lack of confidence – we don’t think we can find the sweet spot, so we don’t look very hard and so we don’t find it.

I think we can if we look – our failure to find what we want has mostly to do with our lack of faith in our capacity to do so, with a little fear mixed in. Once we believe we can do it, we can.

If you’re not in the sweet spot, change. Life only happens once so don’t chicken out. Proceed as if you’re some combination of Shaft and Darth Vader and you’ll be fine. Here’s an inspiring ditty to keep you locked on:

From the Sea

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