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It’s not hard to find lists of products to help you cut your carbon emissions, but most aren’t useful because they don’t focus on the big sources of carbon. Example: many sites offer reusable shopping bags, but the carbon footprints of shopping bags are miniscule, so you don’t save significant carbon with reusable bags. The products featured here, on the other hand, will dramatically reduce your emissions, if you use them as described below.

Durex Condoms – Intended Purpose: Baby-Avoidance
Many people don’t know this (or don’t want to), but having a child generates more carbon than anything else most of us do. You could start forest fires for a living and it wouldn’t produce as much carbon (note: this is an exaggeration). Ergo, condoms may be the greenest products on Earth. Of course, foregoing a baby is a sacrifice, and I can’t tell you what you should do. But if you decide to go childless, I support and admire your decision. My lady and I have chosen childlessness and we’re happy that we have.

These Durex condoms are my favorite. I’ve never had one break and it’s the only brand I can say that about. Also note that they’re far cheaper at the link above than you can get at a local store.

Space Heater – Intended Purpose: Avoid turning on central heat, slash heating bill.

40% of home carbon emissions are due to heating and cooling, one of the biggest chunks of the carbon pie. It’s possible to slash both your emissions and heating bill using a method I call Bulkhead Living. The key is a small space heater, and the idea is to heat only the one or two rooms that you spend most of your time in. Here’s how to do it.

Commuter Bike (roadbikeoutlet) – Intended Purpose: Drive your car less

A bike can slash your emissions, but only if it replaces your car for commuting. I would love to hard-sell you a bike, but my conscience won’t let me. Bikes are best purchased locally, because you need to test-drive them to find what works. You need to feel comfortable if you’re going to bike commute. Look to buy a used bike through your local Craigslist. If for some reason you absolutely must buy a new bike online, I strongly recommend roadbikeoutlet. They ship bikes only partly assembled, like IKEA does for furniture, resulting in amazing prices. Assembly is easy, just like with IKEA. My family bought one for my brother and I was amazed at the quality for the price. They also ship for free, which is key for big items like bikes.  You can get a good commuter bike there for $230, which anywhere else would only get you a Huffy Crapotron 2000.

Waterproof Backpack (30L)
Intended Purpose: Commute to work by Bike more.

You can’t commute to work without a waterproof bag (unless you live in a desert). It’ll rain unexpectedly and you’ll get wet. I’ve tried several packs and this is one of the best.  Enough space for your work stuff + a change of clothes (which you should bring to work everyday so you don’t have to bike in your work clothes).  It’s hard to find waterproof bags used, so this is one case where you may have to spring for a new one.

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