How to Buy Climate Change and Peak Oil Insurance

Everyone knows that if you want to hedge risk, you buy insurance.

Sadly, Geico doesn’t offer policies for climate change and peak oil yet. But that’s ok – there’s still a way to insure yourself. It’s not complicated. The policy consists of 6 straightforward parts:

  1. Learn how to grow some of your own food.
  2. Learn how to live a low-energy life.
  3. If you live on a coast within a couple of feet of sea level, move to someplace higher up.
  4. If you live in an area which is likely to turn to desert, like the US southwest, move.
  5. Move to a small town surrounded by farmland.
  6. Move to an area where you can purchase non-fossil fuel energy.

I don’t claim the policy will completely cover you, but it will insulate you significantly.

I suggest you apply pronto.

From the Sea

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