Climate Change is a Big Dangerous Guy Who Wants to Kill Us

If a savage gang was approaching your town with the intent to pillage, and you told your fellow citizens that it was so, would that be alarmism, or the necessary confrontation of fact?

We can’t deal with a problem without knowing its scope. Discussing the risks of climate change isn’t automatically alarmism, so let’s take care in who we call alarmist.

It’s one thing if you don’t believe climate change is a serious problem. You’re wrong but there’s nothing inconsistent about calling Climate activists alarmists in that case.

It’s another thing if you understand that climate change is a serious problem but persist in calling activists alarmists.

Before you apply the label, think carefully about whether the person in question is trying to frighten or trying to foster a complete understanding of the problem. You may incorrectly conclude that they’re trying to scare you simply because you are, in fact, scared.

Some problems are actually, unavoidably scary. That’s life. There’s no use pretending. Better to face problems and cultivate courage than to look the other way.

What would the Amigos do?


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